Madame Gaston, His Little Wife

I finally got a smartphone!

AKA I’m finally on Twitter and Instagram!
Twitter: kaitlynnkopp
Instagram: kaitlynn_kopp
Follow for a whole lotta nothing at the moment because I’m confused as heck!

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zip-a-dee-not-so-scary-lady asked: "Yo what's your personal blog URL? (You should reply with a link b/c I'm on mobile)"


And for anyone else that’s interested, it’s also on my blog! :)

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Plus! (for anyone that cares)

My personal blog is literally just like this blog. I’m the same person, I still talk about Disney, I’d still love to talk to you guys, there’s just stuff that’s also not Disney, like everything else I’m into! :)

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Anonymous asked: "do you ship jelsa?"

Wait. Who’s Jelsa? Like, Jack Frost and Elsa? I mean, no, not really. I’m not really the type of person who ships people from different things? Or when people are like “I ship Hades and Anita from 101 Dalmatians!” I’ve never heard anyone say that, but it’s like, why? Why do people have certain ships? Just because? I don’t get shipping sometimes. But hey, to each their own. Also, I’ve never seen Rise of The Guardians? Maybe I’d feel differently if I did!

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Anonymous asked: "You can't delete this blog! You just can't! It was the first blog I ever followed and I got so much inspiration for my own Disney blog from it! It would be so sad to see it deleted :("

Ahhhh noooo, I’m sorry! :( I just, ahhh, I haven’t been active in months! And I feel like when I do get on this blog, I just make a quick post and then reblog a couple of things and that’s it. I’m active on my personal blog every day. I post Disney on there and I make text posts some and I post all of my own Disney photography and I just feel like I’m a lot less loyal to this blog (although I have about 4000 less followers on my personal blog -_- ) Ahhh, I just don’t know, though!

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Probably deleting this blog?

Idk. I don’t get on it. Ever. I don’t reblog Disney things. But I DO still go to Disney and take pretty pictures. I either post them on my personal blog or they’re all here. So you guys are more than welcome to check those out, but I might delete this blog? I don’t like having it and not being active on it :/

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things that are okay

  1. queer hogwarts students
  2. muggleborns at hogwarts headcanons
  3. in-depth analyses of the hogwarts’ houses
  4. neato graphics
  5. new in-text/in-movie connections 

things that are not okay

  1. sad stories of george living in a world without fred



So I’ve got an audition coming up (yay!) and I need a one-minute comedic monologue. I don’t want to do anything really common (Neverland 911) 

Does anyone have any great monologues or any ideas for good short ones? Any help would be so appreciated! :)

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I haven’t been on this blog in so long


Anyway, I’m much more active on my personal blog if anyone’s missed me.

Also, if anyone is in Florida or goes to WDW on a fairly regular basis, I’d love to take DISNEY pictures of your lovely self for FREE (but I’m actually good, I promise)

That is all.

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On a scale of Elsa to Javert, how much can you let things go?


They just can’t wait to be king